JUNE 17 - 20, 2019
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Message from Cardinal Collins

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the fifth Sacra Liturgia conference, taking place in Toronto this June.

Sacra Liturgia is a very special occasion for Catholics from around the world to pray, and to celebrate the great gift of the sacred liturgy.

In spending time with each other, in studying our liturgical inheritance, and most of all in praying together, Sacra Liturgia participants are a witness to the Church in the host city of the truth and evangelical power of the liturgy, which is "the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed" and "the font from which all her power flows."


The Church teaches that it is through the liturgy that "the work of our redemption is accomplished", and that it is "the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church. In the earthly liturgy we take part in a foretaste of that heavenly liturgy which is celebrated in the holy city of Jerusalem toward which we journey as pilgrims, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God."


It is too often taken for granted, but the liturgy is the ongoing foundation of our unity, and has been, for thousands of years, the principal means by which "the sanctification of men in Christ and the glorification of God, to which all other activities of the Church are directed as toward their end, is achieved."


When people think of the Catholic Church, often the preeminent image in their mind is of her sacred rites. When they encounter the Church through liturgical worship done well, with dignity, beauty, and reverence, the Church's faith can speak directly to their hearts. By dedicating itself to the proper and beautiful celebration of the liturgy, Sacra Liturgia is an expression of love for Christ and His bride.


Once again, I am pleased to welcome you to Sacra Liturgia Toronto. I encourage you to support, pray for, and attend this gathering, and I look forward to joining you this summer as we celebrate the beauty of liturgical prayer in the heart of urban Canada.


+Thomas Christopher Cardinal Collins
Archbishop of Toronto, Canada

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Message from Bishop Rey


It is with profound joy that I invite you to participate in the fifth international Sacra Liturgia Conference in Toronto, Canada, from 17-20 June 2019. Since 2013 in Rome, New York, London and Milan, clergy, religious and laity concerned for the worthy and integral celebration of the Sacred Liturgy have come together to further their own learning and formation in the Sacred Liturgy, to pray the liturgy together, and to renew and build friendships amongst those active in what Cardinal Ratzinger once described as “the new liturgical movement.”

Sacra Liturgia Toronto 2019 will continue this work, emphasising the essential nature of authentic liturgical formation and of the true and beautiful celebration of the Sacred Liturgy in the life and mission of the whole Church in the 21st century.


I am profoundly grateful to His Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, for his ready and generous welcome of Sacra Liturgia to his Archdiocese and in particular to his beautiful cathedral where we shall celebrate many of the conference liturgies. So too, I am delighted that their Eminences Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke will be amongst the speakers, together with Bishop Peter Elliott and many eminent liturgical scholars from North America and further afield.


The success of previous Sacra Liturgia conferences has been predicated on the generosity of local organisers, benefactors and sponsors. Without them we could not operate or provide admission at reasonable rates, particularly for students, seminarians and religious. I thank in advance all those who will help us to do this again in Toronto. Almighty God will not fail to reward your kindness!


I look forward to Sacra Liturgia Toronto with joy and, God willing, to meeting you in Toronto in June.


+Dominique Rey

Bishop of Fréjus-Toulon, France

Convenor, Sacra Liturgia


Sacra Liturgia 2019 will take place in Toronto, Canada

The conference is open to all. From June 17-20, 2019, conference sessions (in the English language) will be held in downtown Toronto, near Saint Michael’s Cathedral, where many of the conference's liturgical celebrations will take place.

The conference program includes the Solemn celebration of Vespers and Mass according to the rich plurality of Catholic liturgical tradition. The conference will conclude with a solemn pontifical Mass (Roman, usus antiquior) and procession on the feast of Corpus Christi. Further details of the liturgical programme will be announced in due course.

Full-time registrations open in January 2019, and part-time registrations open in Eastertide.

Further information about accommodations and the program will be announced in due course.


Liturgical Celebrations

Solemn Vespers

further details TBA

Solemn Mass

further details TBA

Byzantine Vespers

further details TBA

Pontifical Mass of Corpus Christi

(usus antiquior)

further details TBA



The following speakers are confirmed for Sacra Liturgia Toronto

Bishop Peter Elliott
Shaping a Liturgy proper to the Anglican Tradition
Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
Sacred Liturgy and Sacred Scripture
Dom Cassian Folsom
New Discoveries in the History of the Roman Missal
Dr Rebekah Lamb
Liturgical Literacy, Liturgical Devotion: Towards a Theology of Personal (In)Formation
Fr Michael Lang
The Frequency of Receiving Communion in the Early Church
Dom Alcuin Reid
The Resurgence of the Pre-Piux XII Holy Week Rites
Prof. Jennifer Donelson
Emotion, Intellect, and Will: The Effects of Sacred Music on the Spiritual Life
Dr Jesse Billett
Reforming the Reform in Ninth-Century Francia: Smaragdus of Saint-Mihiel and the Mass Lectionary
Fr Neil Roy
The Liturgical Cultus of St Michael in the Roman Rite

More to come...

Dr Brian Butcher
(Mis)Guidance from the East: Tradition & Innovation in Eastern Catholic Liturgy
Fr Daniel Cardo
The Verbal Sacrifice Yesterday and Today: On the Pre-eminence of the Roman Canon


Full conference registration opening in January

Part time conference registration opening in Eastertide




Sacra Liturgia 2019 c/o Conference Secretariat